Call India for Less!

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Featured destination:  India

The Phone Card Site has become a comparison site for International Phone Calls from the UK. Today we have selected India as a featured destination and want to outline how much you could save using our services.

Call India from a UK Landline

We have four providers which charge just 1p per min to both an India landline or an India mobile, as follows,

Auracall  – Access Number  0845 381 5136
Cherry Call – Access Number  0843 715 0002
Just Call – Access Number  0844 869 2583
Just Dial – Access Number  0844 720 2685

With these landline services, 1p is the service charge made by the service provider. You will also be charged an access charge by your landline provider. If in doubt contact your landline provider to find out their costs.

Call India from a UK Mobile

If you use T Mobile, O2, Orange, EE or 3 mobile, we have a special Dial a Code service to use.

Call India landline or India Mobile for 3p per min.

Simply dial our special mobile code before your international number.

The 3p code to call India is 29 03 58

It’s simple to use and the cost of the call goes onto your mobile phone bill. There are no other charges for this service.

For more information about calling India visit Cheap Calls to India

Call India

Cheapest calls to India

Happy New Year 2015

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Happy New Year to all our valued customers and friends. From all the staff at The Phone Card Site, we hope you have a happy and prosperous year ahead.


Call Brazil for Less!

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On 7 Sept it’s Independence Day in Brazil. Call Brazil for as cheap as a local UK call.

International Phone Cards from only 0.4p per minute

o2, T Mobile, 3 & Orange – Dial direct from your mobile for 3p per minute to a landline (access number 29 03 58 ) or just 10p per minute to a Brazil mobile (access number 29 10 58)

From your UK landline phone – Dial direct from your landline for 1p per minute (access number 0843 8540 002) or 15p per minute to a Brazil mobile (access number 0913 5440 002)

Interesting Facts about Brazil –

  • The name of the country comes from the name of the tree called ‘BrazilWood’
  • In Portuguese, it is called Brasil and the language is called Brazil
  • The conventional long form of Brazil is Federative Republic of Brazil.
  • Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil.
  • It has an estimated area of 8,514,877 sq km and a coastline of 7,491 Km.


Happy Holidays in Australia

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It’s holiday time again in Australia on 4th August 2014. In New South Wales it’s New South Wales Bank Holiday and in the Northern Territories it’s Northern Territory Picnic Day.

International Phone Cards have always been the cheapest way to make international calls to Australia. Currently we recommend the iPhone card with rates from 0.2p per minute to Australia landline.

Our you can use our cheap calling service and dial direct from your mobile for 2p per minute. This service is for o2, T Mobile, Orange and 3 users. Simply dial 29 02 58 then your international number. The cost of the call is added to your mobile bill at 2p per minute.  (To Australia mobile it’s 9p, call 29 09 58 then your international number)

Whichever way you call, give your family a ring and let them know you care.


Happy Bengali New Year

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Call Bangladesh from 2p p/min. 14 April 2014 is Bengali New Year in Bangladesh.

From a landline

BANGLADESH Landline for only 2p per minute. To make a cheap international call to BANGLADESH now, call our access number 0843 8610 002. You will be charged only 2p per minute.

From a Mobile

Make cheap calls to BANGLADESH for only 4p per minute using the 3, O2, Orange and T-Mobile networks.

Cheap Calls to BANGLADESH, dial 29 04 58

Happy Bengali New Year

Happy Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day ) 16 Dec 2013

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16 December 2013 is Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day ) in Bangladesh. Give your loved ones a call to let them know that you care.

From a landline –
Bangladesh landline – for 1p p/min – dial Access Number 0843 8540 002
Bangladesh Mobile – for 1p p/min – dial Access Number 0843 8540 002

From a Mobile –
Bangladesh landline – for 1.5p p/min
Bangladesh Mobile – for 1.5p p/min

Text CALL to 79910 (for a £10 top-up + £1 FREE)
Text CALL to 85787 for a £5 top-up
Text CALL to 88565 for a £1.50 top-up

SMS costs £1.50, £5 and £10 + standard SMS.

Once you receive a top-up confirmation text message, dial the access number 0333 155 5011. After hearing the voice prompt, enter your destination number in a full format followed by the # key. (e.g. 00 + country code + area code + number + #).

We will automatically top you up with £5.00 credit if you have previously topped up with £1.50 or £5 short codes or with £10.00 credit if you have previously topped up with £10. The auto top up will occur just before your calling credit is about to run out. To opt out of the automatic top up, simply text STOP to 88565, 85787 or 79910 at any time. If you choose to opt out, calls will disconnect once the credit has finished and a new text request with the CALL to 88565, 85787 or 79910 will have to be made for a further top-up.

Happy Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day ) in Bangladesh


NEW Text and Talk, Great Rates

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We have updated our Text and Talk service today, with some unbeatable Text and Talk rates – examples

Nigeria L/line 5p, Mob 3.5p
Pakistan L/line 7p, Mob 3.5p
Poland L/line 1p, Mob 2.5p
Bangladesh L/line 2.5p, Mob 1.5p
Ghana L/line 16p, Mob 12p

To buy credit, from your mobile –
Text CALL to 79910 (for a £10 top-up + £1 FREE)
Text CALL to 85787 for a £5 top-up
Text CALL to 88565 for a £1.50 top-up

SMS costs £1.50, £5 and £10 Standard SMS

Share with your friends. This service has some very cheap rates for making international calls.

Full details and other rates see

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